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Choir Etiquette 

It is our goal at the Conejo Valley Choral Society to create a friendly and professional atmosphere for musicians of all levels. Please read the following guidelines and member expectations.

Member Expectations


  • Choir singing is a commitment to the director and the other choir members. We value your voice so try to attend all rehearsals. However, if you’re ill please stay at home! 

  • Whenever possible, please let Michelle know if you have to miss a rehearsal, as it helps us to plan. 

  • Attendance is taken at every rehearsal. If you miss many rehearsals, or those just before the concert, you won’t be able to sing in the concert to a high enough standard and may be asked not to sing.

Punctuality and seating

  • Please allow enough time to park, find your seat, and be ready to sing by 7:00pm.

  • If you arrive late, take a seat quickly and quietly. You can move place during the break if necessary.


Be prepared

  • Bring a pencil to write notes in your score about dynamics, expression and other instructions/guidance.

  • Take note of dates for concerts, away-days etc. and add them to your calendar well in advance.

  • If you would like extra rehearsal preparation, please refer to our weekly CVCS Newsletter via email. Rehearsal plans for each week are sent ahead of time, as well as practice recordings.

Tips for when you’re not singing

  • Listen to the other voice(s) being rehearsed, think how that part fits with yours, go over your words, etc. Please do not sing along with other voice parts unless specifically asked.

Silence, please

  • Please don’t talk or use your phone (keep phone off if possible!) when other voices are rehearsing. 

  • When starting notes are played, do not hum or sing your note out loud.

Mind your posture

  • Singing while sitting down: sit up straight, on the edge of your seat, legs uncrossed, feet flat on the floor. 

  • Singing while standing: stand straight, shoulders back, hold your book up.​​​

Mixed singing abilities

  • We don’t hold auditions for CVCS - all voices and abilities are welcome. But if someone’s singing is really off-putting, please mention it discreetly to Conor.

Get to know your fellow choir members

  • We take a 10-15 minutes break in the middle of each rehearsal. This is a time to use the restroom and grab water, but it is also a time to socialize and get to know your fellow choir members. We pride ourselves on being one of the friendliest choirs in the Conejo Valley! 

CVCS open door policy

  • Have an idea for anything from concert venues to publicity? Suggestions/comments/ideas are welcomed by Conor and Michelle.

  • We often need help with chair set up, tickets, etc. during concerts, so please be available/ willing to help if you can.

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