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Introducing CVCS

Welcome to the inaugural season of the Conejo Valley Choral Society. We are a non-audition chorus that feels that its purpose is to provide not only an artistic outlet for the greater Conejo Valley region, but also a social outlet.

Through the warmth of community and the joy of music, it is our mission to breathe life into the musical culture of the greater Conejo Valley. The art of choir is special, in that not only is it extremely gratifying for the performers, but deeply moving to see those in your community standing together with a unified mission. Now more than ever, our society craves opportunities to come together, and we hope to bring together multiple generations and people of all beliefs and political affiliations- to join in song and create art that we are proud of.

Our Vision: We strive to develop an engaging environment where individuals of all backgrounds feel free to express themselves through the art of singing.

In addition to our performances, we are thrilled to offer our community educational opportunities as well. We are deeply passionate about this rising generation of young artists. Through the generosity of our donors and sponsors, we provide a space for high school and college students to come and sing in a professional setting for free.

We also run a monthly guest lecture series, where we bring in professionals to speak on the music we perform each season. It is an engaging opportunity for our members and the public to view manuscripts, and have access to professionals in our field.

We look forward to growing in the warm musical community established in the Conejo Valley, and thank you for your support.


Michelle Pina

CVCS President


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